Powerful solution – simple pricing model

humbee Preisstruktur

Introductory workshop

For complex topics we conduct a workshop. The aim of the day is to map the customer’s desired process in the humbee system. You explain your process to us because you are the experts. We then make suggestions as to how this process should ideally be represented in humbee – because that is what we are the experts for.

Now we set up this process in humbee together: we define business objects, process types and workflows. Often we also import master data. In any case, you can „try out“ your process in humbee immediately. After a little fine-tuning, the workshop ends with a humbee system that maps your requirements. This system will also be used for the subsequent training of your employees. Then the productive use begins!

The humbee – technology allows this agile approach for the introduction. Months of concept and implementation phases are a thing of the past. You are in production after only two days. Now you gain daily understanding and practice in dealing with humbee. Further processes are usually realized by yourself. This way you become independent of expensive consulting. At the same time you can dynamically support your business with humbee.

1.400,- € per day plus VAT.

TRAINING – we make you fit

Costs per training day:
470,- € per participant plus VAT (minimum number of participants: 3)

Our training courses are not off the peg: each course is individually tailored to your needs. We configure initial processes that are tailor-made for you. By the way, we do this together – in this way you become the master of your system. From now on, you can configure new processes yourself independently of us.

At the end of the training day, you will have mastered humbee, you will be familiar with the huge range of services and you will be able to administer the system. You already start the next day with the productive use. That’s what we call fast!