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humbee is the simple and powerful collaboration platform in the cloud for companies of all sizes and industries. With humbee teams work together efficiently. 

With humbee the search stops, annoying queries are a thing of the past. Everyone is perfectly informed at all times.

In contrast to Slack or Microsoft teams, humbee enables you to store all information, documents, tasks and even e-mails relating to a process in one place. Of course you can access it from any device and from any place.

Einfache Collaboration Plattform

Cooperation without a flood of information

Collaboration is a very general term. For us it means collaboration. Collaboration with regard to the completion of processes. Depending on the industry and area of application, this can include customer enquiries, the processing of orders, the collection of receivables, the handling of projects, personnel processes or processes involving commercial areas. humbee makes all this possible as a simple collaboration platform.

At humbee the process is at the centre of attention. Selected employees have access to the process. In this way, everyone who is supposed to be is perfectly informed. All others can access the information as required, but are not flooded with information as is the case with other tools.

Collaboration Platform - Your advantages

Secure collaboration platform from Germany

humbee is made in Germany. A collaboration platform also contains legally relevant documents and information. As a company you are obliged to store these in a legally secure manner. 

Unlike many other collaboration platforms, we are aware of this. Your data is stored in certified high-security computer centres in Europe. In addition, your data is stored in encrypted form. You can read detailed information about data security here:

Read Success Story

Silvia Richter-Kaupp is an enthusiastic humbee nutcase. She uses humbee to securely exchange highly confidential information with course participants, coaching clients and coach colleagues in any number of different constellations. Read the success story

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