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A DMS system is an important part of a company's digitization strategy. These systems are quite predominantly operated on premise, i.e. in your company on your own servers. As recently as 2015, german Computerwoche wrote that cloud DMS systems made in Germany are not yet mature. This was undoubtedly true at the time.

In recent years, some DMS manufacturers offer their systems as SaaS, Software as a Service, solutions in the cloud. In this case, the old systems are often operated by the provider and made available to customers via a web interface. Hence they are not truly SaaS Systems.

However, there are now also modern systems, such as humbee, which were already designed as SaaS solutions from the outset in terms of their architecture. With these systems, companies take full advantage of the benefits of a SaaS solution.

Read below to find out what advantages a cloud DMS offers you.

Cloud DMS security

Security of Cloud DMS software

In Germany, companies are still hesitant when it comes to using cloud or SaaS solutions as digitization progresses. Behind this is often the conviction that one's own data is safest on one's own servers in one's own house.

Many reports about companies that have fallen victim to ransom ware now prove the opposite. In the case of Dusseldorf University Hospital, one such incident even resulted in the death of a patient. The threat situation will continue to increase in the future.

SaaS solutions are mostly operated in high-security data centers in Europe. The data is stored there in encrypted form with multiple redundancies. System operation is carried out by specialists. The data centers are certified to a whole bunch of international standards. This ensures the highest level of security and makes data loss highly unlikely.

Such a high level of protection cannot be guaranteed for most companies when operating the DMS software on premise themselves.

With regard to the possibilities of audit-proof and GoBD-compliant #s|2169archiving#, cloud DMS and on premise DMS basically do not differ.

Cloud Dokumentenmanagement scalable

Document management – scalable thanks to cloud

One of the biggest advantages of cloud DMS is its easy scalability. If you opt for a conventional DMS on premise, you have to make high investments in hardware and software in advance. Operating costs will also remain high in the future.

With a cloud DMS, these investments are completely eliminated. You start with a manageable number of users and initial processes that you want to improve with the DMS. Only the monthly license costs and, if applicable, training costs are incurred. So you benefit from a fast and cost-effective start without risk.

Once you are convinced by the new SaaS solution, you can expand the number of users and the application areas step by step. Even new employees you hire in the future can be integrated quickly and easily.

Your requirements are growing? With a cloud DMS, this is not a problem, as the provider takes care of system operation and thus scaling. You concentrate on the business side. In the case of humbee, you can even adapt processes yourself or set up new processes. You do not need expensive experts from the provider. Humbee thus adapts to any company and any size of operation.

Of course, if necessary, experts from humbee solutions GmbH or its partners are available to provide you with professional services and support.

Rapid introduction

Rapid introduction of Cloud DMS

The introduction of an on premise DMS is a lengthy process. From the complex system selection – after all, it is important to avoid an expensive bad investment – to time-consuming contract negotiations, ordering and installation of hardware and software, conception, implementation, testing, acceptance and training, it takes between 6 months and 2 years. Digitization is thus more like an expensive adventure than a good investment into the future.

The introduction of cloud DMS is much less costly. In the case of humbee, this means that from decision to go-live it regularly takes days and weeks rather than months.

Customization of cloud DMS software

Cloud solutions are often difficult to customize. This is also true for some cloud DMS solutions. However, it is important for companies to customize Cloud DMS to their own needs today and in the future.

Here you can find out how to introduce DMS successfully.

Modern and powerful SaaS DMS solutions offer the same possibilities as on premise DMS solutions. This also applies to humbee. In contrast to an on premise DMS, humbee can be extended by apps. In this way, it provides a range of functions that is unimaginable in the on premise world of classic DMS systems.

Instead of off-the-shelf software, humbee provides you with a customized solution for your digitization strategy. At the same time, you benefit from the maintainability and permanent further development of a standard software.

Costs of cloud DMS

In contrast to on premise systems, cloud DMS eliminates the following costs:

  • Investment in hardware and software
  • Costs for software distribution
  • Costs for ongoing system operation (data center, administration, regular replacement of hardware)
  • Costs for release upgrades

The costs for a DMS operated on premise are between €,200 and €1,500 per year per user. In contrast, the costs for humbee in the business variant are less than 480 € per user and year. Digitization with humbee is therefore cost-effective.

Cloud Software Home Office

Cloud in the home office

Covid19 has pushed digitization forward as it became apparent how important location-independent and secure working is. Hardly any company was well prepared for the implementation of home office. Often, expensive VPN solutions were used to access internal systems from the home office.

DMS Cloud Software is the best solution to make digitized documents available to other employees and or to be able to edit them. Your employees access documents and participate in processes via SSL secured connections from anywhere in the world and at any time.

With humbee, the option of two-factor authentication is included in every license variant. So your data accesses are secured on a level as high as you are used to it from online banking.

Acceptance of Cloud DMS software

Modern cloud DMS software has user-friendly user interfaces. These follow the design principles you are acquainted to from apps on your smartphone. Menu items are available according to the current application context. The time of cluttered and confusing menu structures is over.

This ensures quick familiarization of your employees and a low training effort. User acceptance of the system is high. This is accompanied by intensive use of the new SaaS solution and a corresponding increase in your company's profitability.

Cloud DMS quality

Quality of Cloud DMS Software

After a decision for an On Premise DMS, you are bound to the manufacturer for years due to the high investment. The manufacturer also knows this, which is why they put a lot of energy into the sales process in particular.

As a user of a Cloud DMS, you are much more independent. If the expectations of the new system are not met, it is easy to switch to another system in the future.

The manufacturers of Cloud DMS systems are also aware of this. That is why cloud DMS manufacturers such as humbee solutions GmbH place great emphasis on quality, customer support and service.