Property Management Software

Property Magagement Software

Property management software must completely replace all the shortcomings of Excel spreadsheets, paper files, e-mails and Post-Its. Around 70 percent of the daily work in property management falls into these categories. This includes, for example, processes related to tenant inquiries, tradesmen orders, insurance claims or property inspections on site.

A modern software for property managers must serve "as a partner of your accounting software" and provide all necessary information at a glance without searching, always and everywhere.

Professional property management software is a requirement for optimal processes and good customer service. However, no two property management companies work in the same way. Some property management companies are very large, others rather small. Some property management companies only manage large properties, others specialise in condominium or rental management. Therefore, the property management software should ideally support your organisation. You should be able to adapt it quickly and easily to future changes in your organisation.

Property management software

Use property management software immediately

Professional property management software is a prerequisite for optimal processes and good customer service. It is ideal if the software can be intuitively adapted by the customer after a short training period.

Modern property management software can manage the cooperation with landlords, tenants, craftsmen and other service providers easily and efficiently. All information must be available in a transaction-related manner. It does not matter whether it is documents, e-mails or notes. Task management must also be integrated. This also includes follow-ups.

You must be able to access data on properties and units at any time and without searching. All processes must be linked to objects, units, owners, tenants and service providers. The time-consuming search for files or e-mails is then completely eliminated. Your property managers are thus always informed simultaneously and completely and are able to provide information to tenants and owners at any time.

From the outset, humbee was developed as cloud-based software in such a way that minimal training or consultation is required. Property managers can customise the software themselves through simple settings and templates. In many cases, humbee can be used productively after just one day.

Property management software cloud

Document management

Up to now, documents in property management companies have been stored in file folders. In addition, there are extensive file directories. Thousands of documents are stored in these. Accessing these documents is time-consuming. Often the documents are not where the user expects them to be. Inevitably, such structures become more and more confusing over time.

In humbee, all documents are reliably and automatically assigned to your tasks. You define transaction types such as tenant files, contract files or tradesmen's orders. Documents such as site plans, floor plans, energy certificates, declarations of partition or management contracts are then stored in digital property files. Correspondence, rental and maintenance contracts are thus stored exactly where they are needed.

This perfect and reliable document management should always be an integral part of a modern property management software.

Incoming Mail

Property managers still receive most of their mail in paper form. Sifting through and distributing this mail is time-consuming. With humbee, property managers digitise incoming mail and reliably distribute it electronically to the responsible property managers. The property management software automatically assigns mail to properties and identifies the responsible agents.

Craftsmen's orders and insurance claims

Enquiries from tenants and owners often lead to the commissioning of service providers. humbee automatically creates processes from such requests. Processing then takes place exclusively in the process. There, all the necessary information is available in one place. Telephone notes, tasks, pictures of the damage situation, commissioning of the service provider and, of course, the e-mails relating to the case.

In the dashboard, you can see all open craftsmen's orders with their respective status. You always keep an overview, have all information at your fingertips and are immediately able to provide information.

Insurance claims are also mapped in one process. From the notification to the insurance company to the settlement of the claim, all information can be found in one place. Some clients even integrate these processes with their insurance brokers' systems. This further improves the process.

Incoming invoices

Just like incoming mail, incoming invoices are also analysed and the relevant data read out. humbee also provides a function for the property managers to check and approve invoices. The booking information can then be transferred to your accounting software. Interfaces to accounting systems such as WinCasa, Casavi or SAP are available. Further interfaces are being added on an ongoing basis.

At the end of the year, invoice verification within humbee can also be carried out electronically by the advisory boards.

Legal requirements

Proof of proper management is vital for property managers. With the use of humbee in property management, you have immediate access to the history of a process at any time. You can see immediately when, for example, you asked an owner for permission and when he or she responded. Likewise, all the measures you have taken after becoming aware of a loss are documented.

In addition, humbee automatically determines the retention periods of incoming invoices and reliably prevents deletion until the deadline expires.

In the case of new lettings, personal data, self-assessments and salary statements of prospective tenants who have not been successful must be deleted. Otherwise there is a risk of severe fines. Modern property management software ensures reliable deletion within adjustable time periods.

Property management software cloud

Property management software online in the cloud

In the past, it was common for property managers to install a programme at your company. Today, they use powerful property management software in the cloud. This model has multiple advantages: you save on the purchase and regular replacement of hardware and do not need complex licensing contracts. You also leave the operation of the system to us. Regular updates or release changes are completely unnecessary.

You are completely free to choose the end devices. Use humbee on PCs or iMacs. The choice is yours. Use your new property management software on your smartphone or tablet when you are on the move. No need for expensive VPN connections.

With a property management software that runs in the cloud (high-security data centres), you are well protected against ransomware (blackmail Trojans).

Comparison of locally installed software and cloud-based software for property managers

Local installation Cloud based software
Settlement model Costs per housing unit Cost per user
Purchase Costs Licence fees plus hardware Current licences
Release changes often annually not applicable
End devices PCs PCs, Mac computers, notebooks, tablets, smartphones (IOS and Android)
Access from outside the company difficult, often only via VPN At any time without further expensive infrastructure
Data security dependent on own know-how Operation in high-security data centres
Flexibility Only additional purchase of further licences possible Both expansion and reduction of licences possible as required

Successfully introduce property management software

You want to introduce new property management software. Often such projects take more time than planned. The costs of introducing property management software also often get out of hand. With the experience of more than 100 humbee implementations, we ensure a quick introduction of the property management software. The customised adaptation to your needs can be used productively within one day. Of course, we offer individual user training based on your own humbee system as well as ongoing support.

Our support is not a burden for us, but an important factor for continuous improvement. With every support request we check whether this request could be avoided by improving the function or communication. From support requests we gain important insights into the concrete needs of our users. In this way, we improve humbee in an agile manner with the aim of avoiding support requests that are necessary for customers wherever possible.

Change property management software and start with it on the same day

Many property managers shy away from the expense of introducing new software. Not entirely without reason. Because in the past, this usually meant months of expensive project work. And this past is still the present for most software providers. With humbee this is different. We set up the software together with you and your colleagues. We take over the master data, adapt the system to your individual needs and then train the users. For small companies, the introduction of humbee as a property management software can realistically be done in one day. Depending on the size and complexity of the company, the introduction of humbee as a property management software usually takes only a few days, even for larger companies.

Interfaces for property managers

Every property management company uses accounting software. Sometimes there are special situations where special tasks require additional software. You avoid time-consuming duplication of work by connecting systems via interfaces. A number of ready-made interfaces such as WinCasa, casavi and SAP RE are integrated for this purpose (others on request). A so-called REST API is also available. This allows you to create new interfaces in a short time.

Property manager

What our property managers say about their experience with humbee

Property managers use humbee to manage their daily business. The property management software in the cloud adapts to your individual needs. This applies to property management with a focus on WEG management in Berlin as well as to managers of their own portfolios of large commercial properties in Frankfurt.

Our customers appreciate the close cooperation with us. We use the feedback from our customers to constantly develop the software further. Many solutions are developed together with customers.

Here we publish some of the experiences of humbee customers.

With humbee, we can organise ourselves better than ever before. We no longer constantly search for information, but find everything in one place.
Holger ScheweHolger Schewe
Managing shareholder GPG Immobilien GmbH

We have significant time savings with humbee, so we can handle new properties with the same staff.
Volker DeppeVolker Deppe
Managing shareholder and Owner, IVWF GmbH, Rhede

The first property management software that really excites us is Humbee.
Marcus JansonMarcus Janson
Janson Immobilien Cologne

Convince yourself

The efficient property management software humbee is in the cloud. You do not need to invest in hardware and software. We take care of data security and system operation. Our fair pricing model is based on the number of users and not on the number of units. The pricing model allows maximum flexibility. You have set up a new workstation? Simply book a single licence for it. You can cancel individual licences every year just as easily.

What does property management software cost?

Basically, with property management software that runs in the cloud, you save on your own hardware, regular replacement investments and the costs of operation. It is not uncommon to save 70 to 80 percent by implementing humbee compared to property management software installed on your premises.

Many providers base their prices on the number of units you manage as a property manager. With us it's different. Manage unlimited numbers of properties and units. So all the efficiency gains are for your benefit. We take care of data security and system operation. You pay a fixed price per user. In addition, our prices already include personal support in case of problems or questions.

With many providers, property management software is like a rigid corset. Humbee, on the other hand, is like a tailor-made suit. You can easily adapt this software yourself to changing conditions and thus become more efficient. Here, too, we are happy to support you if necessary.

Which property management software is the best?

Which property management software is better? A local software programme or property management software in the cloud? There are many solutions with hundreds of functions. Make the decision easy for yourself. Contact us and arrange a free consultation. You describe your situation and your requirements to us. We will show you the modern software for property managers live. You will see how modern software supports you in your daily work as a property manager. Why not start working with humbee tomorrow?