Functions that access each other


Finally, no more need for constant coordination with colleagues.

In humbee, transaction processing, DMS and task management are closely linked. This means that all information is permanently available for you and the team. You can jump directly from your Kanban Boards, which display prioritised topics, to the corresponding processes.

The daily search has come to an end. With humbee you can find everything with just one click and work permanently in a uniform interface.


Everything in one place

With humbee, you can now find all information, documents, e-mails and tasks on a topic centrally in one place and no longer search for information in thousands of different places.

Even external partners and customers can be invited to processes and immediately participate in the joint work. Not only do you benefit from real collaboration, but you can even map your company's core processes with humbee.



With humbee you can improve your processes step by step. Within a short time you will experience the improvement.

The best thing is that you can finally improve the processes that are specific to your business. These are the processes for which there is no off-the-shelf software.



Organize your tasks in the form of a personal kanban board and prioritize your tasks simply by drag & drop.

You finally have a complete overview and can't forget anything. So you work effectively and are less stressed.



With humbee you can write e-mails directly out of the context of a case or process. Especially helpful: the replies are back in the process – automatically.

So you and your team can find everything in one place – the need for coordination decreases enormously.

By the way: 90 % of internal e-mails become superfluous with humbee!



Are you already familiar with the agile mindset? Then you know how powerful Kanban boards are.

All topics are presented transparently. The priorities are adjusted in team meetings simply by Drag & Drop.

The progress of the team is thus made visible. This motivates and inspires.



Do you work regularly with your colleagues on common to-do lists in Excel? Tired of working through meeting minutes?

Use lists within humbee instead. Lists are our agile multi-talents:

  • ingeniously simple
  • always up-to-date
  • versatile

With lists you simply implement an agile principle: Work according to descending priorities.



Use the powerful DMS system, which is already integrated in humbee. Find documents where they belong: in the process. Powerful DMS functions:

  • transaction-based
  • document storage
  • personal and company-wide document filing
  • versioning
  • share documents via external Link
  • context-based full text search
  • extremely fast document preview
  • integrated image management functions
  • consideration of the retention periods in accordance with legal requirements


Find instead of search

A powerful search is at the heart of every modern application.

You need short result lists quickly. humbee achieves this by utilizing your context knowledge.

Together with relations between business and information objects humbee makes sure that you find instead of searching.

Our customers are thrilled!



Open: Through integration into your existing applications humbee becomes even more valuable.

For this purpose we provide you with a versioned and thus long-term stable REST-API.

You can create the integration yourself with the help of our REST-API or have us create it for you – according to your taste and abilities. You can even develop entire specialist applications with it. The performance of humbee is therefore almost unlimited. With humbee you have a system that grows with you and will also meet your future requirements.