What does humbee cost?

humbee has a very simple price model. You pay one price per user per month. It includes the full humbee range of services. After all, we want you to use humbee intensively and become more productive.

Details about our prices can be found under „What does humbee cost?

How long does it take to introduce humbee?

humbee is incredibly easy. In the run-up to the introduction, we will agree together which task you want to solve with humbee. Then we train your employees. One day is sufficient. The very next day you will be using humbee productively.

Must humbee be parameterized? How complex is that?

humbee offers extensive possibilities for parameterization. Usually, the training day is enough to make the necessary settings.

For more complex tasks, we carry out the customizing together with our customers on a workshop day.

Unbelievable but true: it is really that simple!

Can I import my existing contacts into humbee or do I have to re-enter them all?

Of course humbee has a powerful import feature for your contacts. The easiest way is to transfer your contacts from Outlook via drag & drop. Simply drag and drop your contacts into a folder. From there you drag them to the designated drop zone in humbee.

Importing from other programs, e.g. CRM systems, is also easy. Export the data in Excel or CSV format. You can then import this file into humbee.

How do I get my data if I don’t want to work with humbee anymore?

If one day you really don’t want to work with humbee anymore, we think that’s a pity. Your data belongs to you, of course. Therefore it is natural for us to make your data available for download.

So that you are as free and flexible as possible, you get your data from us both in human- and machine-readable format.

You decide yourself whether you want to save the files in the original format, e.g. Word or Excel, in the file system or whether you want to import the data into another system.

We go so far that we additionally „print“ the processes and also make them available in PDF format. In this way, you remain fully capable of acting in any case.