Do you know your biggest time wasters?

Claculate time savings

Does this sound familiar? Your email inbox is overflowing because you receive many CC emails from colleagues trying to keep you up to date. Again and again you interrupt your work because colleagues have questions and need information. Every day you search for documents that are stored in different places and are not always at hand. Spontaneous meetings bring you and the team up to date, because this is the only way to get an overview.

We have created a calculator that shows the hours you spend on this every week.

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What is your result?

We'll show you how you can save at least 50% of the time you waste every day with the innovative digital workplace humbee. You put an end to the flood of e-mails. The process-related work in humbee provides every team member with a permanent overview. Distracting queries are no longer necessary. Searching for documents is also a thing of the past, because the humbee process already contains the associated documents. With humbee you work much more productively and relaxed. You go home satisfied in the evening! Would you like to experience humbee LIVE? Simply book your desired appointment.