Software made in Germany

Humbee Story

humbee solutions GmbH

Ralf Bönning and Burghardt Garske founded the company in 2017. Already in the first year we have inspired customers with our visionary approach.

As a company from Germany, we offer humbee as a powerful platform and alternative to the large, mostly American, providers.

The software is developed exclusively in Germany.


What characterizes the people who develop humbee for you?

Appreciation and respect are the basis of our cooperation, both with customers, suppliers and our employees.

Our aim is to create a unique business application that is as simple as an app.

Our way of working is constructive and agile. We like to get to the bottom of things.

We know that a certain radicalism is necessary in order to arrive at simple solutions.

Ralf Bönning and Burghardt Garske