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With humbee our need for telephone coordination within the company has been rapidly reduced. With the introduction of humbee we had much less need to talk to our business partners in the evening – from then on (2 days after the introduction) we knew that humbee worked.
Malte Hamann, Managing Director seed2soil GmbH

What was the task?

What were you looking for, which problems should be solved, which processes should be improved? Have you considered other solutions or already used them?

Originally, we were looking for lean project management software that would allow us to coordinate our projects together and document progress.

We then compared various software solutions and partial solutions such as Jira, Easy Redmine, trello and slack. humbee convinced us with its multifunctional approach. We got much more functionality than we were looking for at the beginning – and we also use these additional functions.

How was humbee able to solve the technical/content problem?

We are now using the projects in humbee to structure our development orders.

A huge advantage is the possibility to work directly with each of our customers and suppliers without leaving the workspace. I can send files and the corresponding information and tasks to everyone – we work more and more in processes.

A possibility of use, which we did not even consider in our initial search for a program, is to replace it with humbee documents, i.e. in our case not to document test or assembly reports and change requests separately, but to record them as a process in humbee with pictures and notes: When assembling prototypes, we take pictures with our smartphones of places where we still have to make changes in the construction and document these places quickly with two three clicks.

At the same time we also start to store our production drawings in humbee and during production we look at the drawings on the smartphone and then weld the prototypes. All employees and project partners work together in the processes and we are always informed of what needs to be changed. While one employee builds the prototypes, a second employee can immediately incorporate the changes into the design.

How was the project implemented?

The implementation was very uncomplicated with Mr. Garske in one day workshop at our office. I set up the humbee client beforehand in 30 minutes by telephone in such a way that all employees could simply register on the training day.

We also introduced a PLM software for our construction software and were enthusiastic about how easy it was to introduce humbee: Within one day we were ready to work. The PLM software was much more expensive to customize and took almost 3 weeks to implement.

Again, humbee has the advantage: we can gradually generate more customizations ourselves with our humbee workflows.

What are the results?

About seed2soil

seed2soil is a young company in the field of agricultural engineering.

Within a short period of time, we systematically convert our customers’ ideas into innovative solutions. With our knowledge of practical requirements and our knowledge of theoretical mechanical engineering, we develop machines for agriculture – regardless of whether they are special solutions for individual users or validated functional models and prototypes for medium-sized companies.