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humbee finally enables us to work much more transparently. We benefit from being able to make information available to a larger circle of participants because everything is in one place. This means we have much less need for coordination and are more focused.
Holger Schewe, GPG Immobilien GmbH

What was the task?

We were looking for a tool that would enable seamless documentation of all processes in the real estate environment – from the logging of owner meetings and the implementation of their resolutions to all kinds of ongoing processes in a property management system.
A further essential requirement was the comprehensibility of individual steps and thus the proof of the procedure as well as the fast and easy finding of documents.

The simple and transparent business model, which allows no hidden costs and does not limit storage space, made our decision for humbee easy.

How was the task solved?

We use humbee for the administrative management of the objects and flats as well as the resulting topics like owner and tenant changes, owner meetings and repair processes, to name just a few. This reduces our „paper mountain“ and minimises the time spent searching for documents and information or factual contexts.

The implementation was very quick and easy. Based on the approach we wanted and the existing systems, we worked with Mr. Garske to define the structure, the required process types and the associated automation of work steps. This meant that essential processes such as the recording of damage reports and the initiation of repairs could be mapped right from the start.

On the same day, the information on objects and apartments was entered. The contact data of the owners/tenants were read from our Microsoft Outlook and inserted into humbee. Already on the next day we could start! Since the introduction the system is growing steadily and we have started to handle more and more topics with humbee!

What are the results?

Since we have been using humbee, we have created a transparency that makes our way of working much more efficient and gives us more time every day to pursue our core tasks.

Since we started using humbee:

With humbee we were able to structure our way of working even better!

About GPG Immobilien GmbH

GPG Immobilien GmbH (GPG) is a family-run, medium-sized property management company that deals with the management of residential and commercial properties as well as WEG properties. The company can look back on a 20-year tradition. From contract, tenant, finance and deposit management through to maintenance and value retention of the properties, GPG offers optimum service from a single source.

Our company is distinguished in particular by its outstanding customer service, many years of stability and constant optimisation of its rental and condominium portfolio.