Processes as unique as your company

Process management usually means lengthy analyses. This is followed by months of technical implementations. Of course, expensive tools have also been purchased. The worst thing, however, is that reality is usually so complex that the implemented processes do not really fit.

With humbee we are taking a new path. Read how you can easily regain your efficiency with us. 


The humbee way

Together with the user, we implement the desired process live on the system. The process forms the basis. We supplement status models and properties. We automate with the help of workflows. After a few iterations, the users receive a fully functional system in their hands in the evening of the same day.

30% more time

Every company is unique. The essential processes are also highly individual. Normally there is no ready-made software support for this. This is the reason why most companies handle essential processes based on e-mail. According to the Fraunhofer Institute, this leads to over 30% waste of valuable working time.

Implementation in just one day

With humbee, you finally get the opportunity to become more efficient quickly: in just one day, we work with you to create efficient solutions for your daily processes. Your employees gain time, your customers experience better service and your company becomes more competitive. Last but not least, you gain valuable lifetime.

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