Mr. Siemers, MACKELSIEMERS GmbH & Co. KG:

“Today, we can quickly find all the relevant information in one place – where else can we find it?

What was the task?

The existing process-related working method should be mapped in a single tool. Not only the functionality should be convincing, but also the fun of the application and good usability should be the focus. All information about a process should be available in one place. Access should be possible from any end device and from any location. Clarity and transparency of the application were further important requirements. Furthermore, it was important to be able to include external partners in processes.

How was the task solved?

humbee completely replaced our old customer care system right from the start. We use it for customer acquisition and ongoing customer care. All financial analysis information is stored in humbee. Of course humbee knows all our customers, so it’s very easy to create virtual customer files.

The diverse activities in topics such as asset optimisation or the design of conflict-laden succession arrangements with family foundations are reflected in projects. We can even involve tax advisors as guests in processes. We use individual authorizations to ensure that only those who are allowed have access to the information.
The legally compliant documentation of our work is of particular importance to us. This is virtually automatic and is therefore always complete and available at all times.

How was the project implemented?

The implementation took place surprisingly quickly: In a one-day workshop we explained our requirements to Mr. Garske from humbee solutions GmbH. Together we implemented them in humbee. In the evening, the system was set up so that we could process our processes with it.

Even the customer master data had already been imported. Only old communication and files from existing customer processes were successively imported. On another day Mr. Garske trained our entire team in our own system. Immediately afterwards we went into production.

What are the results?

Today, all colleagues can access the information from anywhere and from any device. humbee has become our natural working tool. We handle our entire customer service in humbee. We can also fully rely on humbee when it comes to legal liability documentation. We work comprehensively with humbee. Even the personal task management is perfectly illustrated in humbee.

With humbee, we were able to significantly improve our productivity and our ability to provide information to our customers. The cooperation with external partners has also become smoother and more efficient. As far as legally compliant documentation is concerned, we rely entirely on humbee. It can be said that we work very extensively with humbee.


MackelSiemers sees itself as a personal sparring partner, a “paid friend” for financial and asset matters. MackelSiemers is completely independent and is not subject to any conflicts of interest.

The experienced financial experts at MackelSiemers support their clients in all matters relating to assets. Their analysis is based on classic instruments of financial planning, capital market and risk theory. The focus is on the personal motives and objectives of their clients. The experts at MackelSiemers create clarity and show perspectives.

Udo Siemers is managing partner of MackelSiemers GmbH & Co KG.

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