Learn how easy it is to create your individual process

An example: Requests received in collective mailboxes are processed by the team members. Often there is double processing or requests are overlooked. The ability to provide information and the quality of service are low.

You can easily optimize this process. The workflow is as follows:

  • in administration, you define a workflow
  • this starts as soon as a new e-mail is received in the selected mailbox
  • the sender of the e-mail will be automatically informed
  • the received e-mail is automatically converted into a new process
  • the corresponding processing team is determined
  • the activity category is also defined directly
  • new tasks are created automatically
  • the processing employee is assigned
  • the due date is calculated on the basis of your specifications
  • the customer receives a friendly confirmation of receipt by e-mail
  • the text of the e-mail is added
  • the assigned number of the request is automatically inserted in the e-mail
  • all requests are transparently displayed on the kanban board of the team
  • processing is case based and supported by workflows

With humbee you can optimize this demanding process in just one day. All you need is the expertise about your process. Due to our simple administration interface, no programming knowledge is necessary. 

As a result, you save valuable working time and your customers experience perfect service.