Applications - as diverse as our customers

No customer is like the other: the tasks are often similar but still individually different. 

Standard products such as CRM provide you with a multitude of functions. In most cases, you only need a fraction of them. These products are introduced through complex and lengthy projects. Often you have to adapt to the software.

humbee is different: You get individual solutions that exactly cover your requirements. Here you can see some concrete application cases from our customer landscape:

Coordination of technical field service and laboratory control in a chemical company

Processing of inquiries in a company in the construction machinery sector

Client acquisition and support for an asset manager

Optimization of the development process in an engineering company

Order acquisition and realisation in a nationwide distribution of solar systems with the involvement of external sales and implemention partners

Processing and documentation of repair requests in a real estate company

Contract management in a medium-sized pharmacy group

Collection of overdue receivables in cooperation with an external lawyer in a forwarding agency

Project management in a medium-sized company with several locations in Europe

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