Wide range of applications

No customer is like the other: the tasks are individually very different. Here you can see some concrete application cases from our customer landscape. With humbee you get individual solutions that cover exactly your requirements.

Software für Finanzdienstleister

Invoice processing

Digital processing of incoming invoices.

Process Management

Implement your individual processes.


Customer Relation Management simply according to your individual requirements.

Product development

Reduction of the development process in an engineering company.

Home Office

Flexible home office and mobile working from anywhere. Perfectly informed teams.

Digital files

Digital files with all information on a case.

SAP interface

The bidirectional interface connects humbee with the central SAP-ERP system.

Customer enquiries

Process customer enquiries efficiently and thus increase turnover.


Project realisation in a medium-sized group with several locations in Europe.

Field service management

Coordination of technical field service and laboratory control in a chemical company.


Collaboration platform in the cloud for every size of company.

Ticket System

Receipt and processing of customer tickets in a software company.


Contract management in a medium-sized pharmacy group.

Accounts receivable

Recovery of overdue receivables in cooperation with external lawyer in forwarding agency.


Cloud-based document management with focus on process context

Truly individual and quickly introduced

humbee is special. After 1-2 introductory days you will be using a system that is fully tailored to your needs.

Standard products, such as CRM, provide you with a myriad of functions of which you usually only need a fraction. These products are then introduced with the help of complex and lengthy projects.

The catch: there is no off-the-shelf software for most processes. You are forced to organise yourself with Outlook.

With humbee you can map your individual processes in a smart solution. In no time you will work more efficiently and save a lot of time. And by the way you put an end to the software zoo.

Funktionen im digitalen Arbeitsplatz humbee
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